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Linsfort Beach is being ruined by oyster farming.

Despite this development being awarded a permit, the local community did not see any notification of planning permission in the local Press nor near the site (as per a house planning application). A lot of us are very upset that a stranger has come into our community and taken over a much loved beach – a local resource for everyone!

Please note that this group is not against entrepreneurship nor oyster farming in general. However, Linsfort Beach is no place for oyster cages and has been turned into an industrial site.

In fact, the licence is for 16 hectares (42 acres), that’s 21 football for 10 years.

We need to act now!

What can you do?


Like our facebook page and help spread the word.

Express your objections to the Dept of the Marine (we can provide the contact point there).

Lobby your local representatives (details on right hand side of page).

While millions of Euros have been spent on developing and promoting the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’, another Government agency has allowed a beautiful stretch of coastline (so dear to many of us) to be ruined by such a development. Please help us to ‘Save Linsfort Beach’ for everyone to enjoy!

Please sign our petition!
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Linsfort Beach is being ruined by oyster farming. Please help the local community to save Linsfort Beach by signing the petition.
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